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In Billing Bot, our AI specializes in precise subscription management for businesses, especially in the SaaS sector. As early users in our own company, we understand the unique needs of SaaS businesses seeking total control over their applications, payments, and operations through Billing Bot’s powerful API. We simplify subscription management so you can focus on growing your company.

Manage your service subscriptions with our AI and focus on growing your business

Create your account and link your application to our API with exceptional technical support for SaaS or subscription-based companies.

Upload your valuable customers (via the API or manually), choose your billing style, and let our bot take care of the rest.

Want to communicate with your unique touch? Of course! Design messages that reflect the essence of your company. Get ready for subscription management through our AI.

Key Features

Design communication and automatically charge multichannel

BillingBot’s ability to send payment links through multiple channels is a significant advancement. This functionality not only streamlines the payment process, but also adapts to the communication preferences of each customer. Whether through SMS, email or other means, BillingBot ensures that payment reminders are received and processed effectively.

Billing Bot receives payments

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Flexible and Affordable Rates

We offer competitive rates based on the number of active employees per business. Only the employer pays a small fee per employee per month. Start optimizing your employees’ attendance now!

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What do they say about BillingBot?

Innovate Cloud Solutions

A comprehensive solution for SaaS subscription management

A few months ago, we decided to incorporate BillingBot into our company to optimize the subscription management process. Since then, we couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

BillingBot has proven to be an exceptional tool in managing our SaaS company’s subscriptions. The speed with which it makes payments and the automatic sending of email notifications have greatly simplified our daily operations. Additionally, the variety of built-in communication options allows us to maintain a seamless connection with our customers, which has significantly improved the user experience.


Since implementing BillingBot in our financial company, we have experienced a remarkable transformation in the efficiency and ease of managing payments. In our efforts to modernize and streamline our financial processes, BillingBot has emerged as a comprehensive solution that has exceeded our expectations.

BillingBot’s flexibility in managing various payment methods has been key for us, especially in managing transactions through virtual wallets. The ability to automatically update payment status and seamless integration with our financial systems have contributed significantly to the reduction of accounting errors and delays.

BrightWave Marketing Solutions
Marketing agency

As a marketing company in constant search for innovation and efficiency, incorporating BillingBot into our operations has been a fundamental change. Subscription management has never been as fluid and efficient as it is now, thanks to this revolutionary tool.

The ability to send push notifications and payment reminders has improved communication with our customers, ensuring they are always aware of their subscription status. This has not only strengthened our business relationships but has also contributed to customer retention.

In short, BillingBot has elevated our capabilities at “BrightWave Marketing Solutions”. We recommend this platform to any marketing company looking to simplify and optimize their subscription management while focusing on creative excellence and customer satisfaction.

Frequent questions

What is Billingbot?

It is an application with superpowers for SaaS company developers. With its artificial intelligence, it takes care of managing subscriptions, intelligently sending notifications, and handling customer payments. Moreover, if someone forgets to pay, Billingbot takes action by automatically suspending the account in the client’s application. All in one! 🚀

What payment platforms can work with?

Our application is versatile and integrates with virtual wallets through their APIs, accepts transactions with cryptocurrencies, and also supports manual inputs. Whatever your payment preference, is ready to adapt. Connect and charge in the way that suits you best! 💳🔗

How does Billingbot communicate with subscribers?

Billingbot uses a multi-platform strategy to keep subscribers informed. The king of communication is SMS, direct and effective. It also uses emails for more detailed messages and app notifications to keep users informed in real-time. Additionally, it provides the flexibility to design communication according to your specific needs. Billingbot ensures that your messages reach you the way you prefer! 📱📧📲

How does Billingbot's API integrate with existing SaaS applications?

The Billingbot API facilitates integration with SaaS applications. Developers can use it to connect Billingbot with existing systems, enabling unified management of subscriptions and payments.

Can I customize the account suspension rules in Billingbot?

Yes, Billingbot allows customization of rules for account suspension. You can define specific criteria and adjust settings to align with your company’s internal policies.

Does Billingbot offer AI-based predictive analytics to enhance subscription management?

Yes, Billingbot utilizes AI-based predictive analytics to anticipate payment behaviors, identify trends, and assist in strategic decision-making for subscription management.

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